Every month we’ll be highlighting our favorite Kickstarter campaign showcasing companies that are innovating, disrupting, and doing it big in the world of manufacturing and engineering.

This month’s Kickstarter campaign goes to: Goliath CNC

Goliath CNC; image via Goliath CNC

Goliath CNC describes their product as “Goliath CNC is a portable robot that you can place directly on a work surface where it works autonomously”. Looks like they’re having a successful Kickstarter campaign so far coming in at a whopping $960,000 (at the time of writing). Basically, it's a robot that can mill, cut, and engrave on any material. 

While we’re not sure that this is a good option for most machine shops, it's an excellent choice for makers and potentially some cutting-edge job shops. We like it because this can change the game for flexibility in CNC milling and routing operations which are, for the most part, constrained by the area of routing tables or milling centers. 

With Goliath CNC, the dimensions of operations are essentially unlimited. What’s more is that this tiny robot measures at 15”x15”x12” basically taking up no room. Its much cheaper than your typical CNC machine coming in at a price point of $1490. We’re going to get our hands on one as soon as possible.

Go check them out!