Many people have asked me in the past couple of years if they should switch to using CAD services in the cloud. My answer to them is always the same: yes, as soon as you can. 

Many companies now offer cloud versions of their CAD software. CAD giant, Autodesk, has BIM 360 for building/infrastructure design and Fusion 360 for product development/manufacturing design. There are also new companies coming onto the scene trying to take advantage of this new CAD delivery platform, such as Onshape for example. It's not just CAD -- engineering document control, 3D printing platforms, documentation software, and other related services are transitioning or have transitioned into providing cloud-based platforms for their services. Here’s a list of the cloud-based CAD or CAD-related services that are making big moves:

Here at Loblolly, the cloud-based Fusion 360 is our staple software. We love it because we can use it for version control, have multiple designers work on models concurrently, FEA analysis, CAM development, rendering, and it's all stored in the cloud! 

Fusion 360 at WorkFusion 360 at work; image via Autodesk

This allows for our pros to work faster, more efficiently and ultimately lets us deliver you a better product. Of course, switching to a cloud-based platform isn’t an easy move to make, especially if your main software of choice isn’t offered as a cloud-based platform yet. That day is coming, and you should be ready to transition your teams into that style of model and document development when it does. So if you're a design engineer, CAD manager, or design manager who gets to make the decisions on CAD processes, you’d better start thinking about it.