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Free 3D Printable Snowflake Ornament

By carlos / Dec. 4, 2017

To celebrate the holiday season we've released a free 3D printable snowflake ornament to hang on a tree or to decorate your desk! We're including multiple file types so you that you can get right to printing or edit the model in any way.

5 Reasons Fusion 360 Should Be Your Primary CAD Tool

By aaron / Dec. 1, 2017

We at Loblolly love Autodesk’s Fusion 360.

While we haven’t gotten rid of some of our other software like Solidworks and AutoCAD (these are still staples and we still use them often), Fusion 360 is used for the majority of our workflows. Here we give you 5 reasons why we think you should be using Fusion 360!

1. Fusion 360 Is Collaborative

Fusion 360 provides a holistic, collaborative ...

How Much Does CAD Cost Your Business

By aaron / Nov. 19, 2017

Hiring a CAD designer, drafter, or manager can be a tricky thing to do for a variety of reasons. For one, not all projects require the same amount of CAD work. Some require a ton if you’re handling model development, renderings, or porting other software such as CAM or CAE. Sometimes things are slow and there are not many projects going on, further diminishing the amount of CAD work necessary.

Our Favorite Kickstarter Right Now: November 2017

By aaron / Nov. 13, 2017

Goliath CNC describes their product as “Goliath CNC is a portable robot that you can place directly on a work surface where it works autonomously”. Looks like they’re having a successful Kickstarter campaign so far coming in at a whopping $960,000 (at the time of writing). Basically, it's a robot that can mill, cut, and engrave on any material. 

CAD in the Cloud Isn’t the Future, It’s the Standard

By aaron / Nov. 7, 2017

Many people have asked me in the past couple of years if they should switch to using CAD services in the cloud. My answer to them is always the same: yes, as soon as you can. 

Many companies now offer cloud versions of their CAD software. CAD giant, Autodesk, has BIM 360 for building/infrastructure design and Fusion 360 for product development/manufacturing design. There are also new companies coming ...